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We Couldn’t Do What We Do Without You

No really, we couldn’t! As school counselors you are our eyes and ears in our district high schools. We count on you to connect us with students who are interested in hands-on training that will prepare them for college or their career. We can’t thank you enough for the support you provide.

We’ve assembled the basics of navigating students toward Tech in this location to help make your role in advising students a little easier!

Enrollment Essentials

Who can attend Tech?

Students can attend either a morning or afternoon session during their junior and senior years. Sophomores can enroll for afternoon programs when space is available. The Meridian STEM Academy is open to sophomores, juniors and seniors.

How do my students apply?

Students must complete an application. If they are under 18 the application is only valid with their parents’ signature. A completed application may be turned into their high school counselor or at the Career Planning Center at Meridian. High school counselors provide Meridian with a copy of the student’s transcript, attendance record and assessment results. A counselor from Meridian will contact the student to set up an interview that will take place at the high school or by phone.

What’s the application deadline?


For fall classes, priority enrollment is February 1. Many of our programs fill up fast! The best way to ensure your students get in the programs they want is to encourage them to complete their application before the February 1 priority enrollment date. Meridian will accept applications throughout the summer as long as space is available in the program.


Meridian will also accept applications for students to begin classes in January. Please contact us if you have a student who would like to begin mid-academic year.

What about high school credits?

Depending on the high school, students at Tech may earn 3 or 4 credits per year. Some of these credits count as electives, some count as academic credits. We direct students to you for information about your school’s policy. Please see our OCAS codes document for information on the courses we offer and the credit available for each major. If the course lists an academic credit, that course is taught by a highly qualified teacher. Students are also able to get credit in Math of Finance, Geometry and Algebra II at Tech.

College Credit Too?

Through a cooperative effort between the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education and the Oklahoma Department of Career & Technology Education, college credit may be available upon completion of a career major. The College and Career Transition Coordinator will work with students to explain the process so students can earn college credit toward an associate of applied science (AAS) degree.

The AAS is a technical workforce degree. An AAS degree is a great path to follow for someone who is planning on directly entering the workforce after earning the degree. The technical college courses are specific to the technical workforce degree and do not apply to other degrees designed to transfer to bachelor of arts and bachelor of science degrees. However, some credit may apply to a specific bachelor of technology degree.

If you have questions regarding the process, please call 405.377.3333, ext. 228.

What Sets Meridian Apart From Other Types Of Education?

Meridian is a low-cost pathway to college or career. Whatever your students’ next steps are, their journey can begin here!

  • 20+ programs to choose from
  • Small classes with hands-on learning
  • Use the skills you learn to go directly to work or to get a better job while in college
  • Real-world learning projects in every program
  • Free classes for district high school students
  • Earn college credit
  • Free transportation for district high school students
  • Meet friends from 10 area schools
  • Many self-paced programs
  • Leadership opportunities

Counselor’s Calendar

Seeing is believing at Meridian! We’ve seen the light come on for students when they realize that coming to Tech gives them a hands-on way to apply much of what they’ve learned in high school. We have several opportunities throughout the year to share what we do with your students.

October, November and December: Meridian counselors visit your high school to talk to students about Tech. Students will learn about the programs Meridian offers and upcoming opportunities to visit campus.

January: District sophomores tour campus during the school day for Meridian’s Sophomore Showcase. Students and their parents are invited back for an evening Open House that is held later in the month. During the Open House, teachers and current students will be in the classroom to talk with students about the program, share projects they’ve worked on and answer any questions students or parents have about the program or coming to Tech.

February: Priority enrollment is February 1.

Late March: Admissions decisions are made and letters sent to students. Students will find out if they have been accepted into a program, put on a waiting list or not admitted to Meridian.

April: Students and their families complete the final step of their enrollment at Tech during Meridian’s Signing Day event. Students will be asked to sign a letter of intent regarding their acceptance into a program at Tech.