South Campus – First Capital Film Crew Institute

First Capital Film Crew Institute: Training Oklahomans for Their Next Act

Housed at the school’s South Campus in Guthrie, Meridian Technology Center’s First Capital Film Crew Institute provides affordable, practical and transferable training to support the state’s growing film industry.

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Start with Classes. End with Credits

The Capital Film Crew Institute addresses the gap in a trained workforce to meet the state’s growing film industry. We talked to producers, directors and others who have been instrumental in shaping the landscape of film in Oklahoma. With their input, we developed courses tailored to build up the below-the-line crew. Classes are short, specialized and cost-effective. Participants will be set-ready upon the completion of each course.


This course is the foundation of the First Capital Film Crew Institute training. It provides an overview of the film industry for those just beginning a film crew career or those exploring opportunities in this exciting industry.

Students will become familiar with the film and television vocabulary, set equipment, film crew roles, employable soft skills, networking and other essential knowledge for a career in the film industry. Time will also be spent discussing working conditions associated with a career in the television and film industry.

No previous film experience is required for this course. Students will be ready to serve as a Production Assistant upon completion of the course.
Learn how to stand out as a movie extra by learning to blend in. This three-hour course provides an overview of what to expect as an extra in television or film. From learning set etiquette to how extras contribute to film production and where to find jobs across Oklahoma, this class is ideal for anyone interested in breaking into the industry.

No film experience is necessary for this course.
March 2Thursday6 PM to 9 PM$25Enroll Now
April 27Thursday6 PM to 9 PM$25Enroll Now
Makeup artists play a vital role in helping directors and writers tell a story. Using traditional makeup, facial hair, and even prosthetics, makeup artists are responsible for developing and maintaining the continuity of a character’s look throughout a production.

This introductory course will teach students how to research the right materials and apply as indicated by lighting and requirements given to them by the production. They must coordinate with other departments to create cohesive looks for the actors and assist the actors in removing the makeup at the end of the day.
March 13-17Monday - Friday9 AM to 5 PM$300Enroll Now
First and Second Assistant Directors manage the logistics of a film production which includes the scheduling, operations, safety, and paperwork. Students will learn how to break down a script, create schedules, create call sheets, create sides, fill out Exhibit Gs, and create reports.

No previous film experience is required for this course. Students must complete the Introduction to the Film Industry course or similar programming before registering.
March 20 - 31Monday - Thursday the first week.

Tuesday - Friday the second week.
9 AM to 5 PM$300Enroll Now

Coming Attractions

We’ve partnered with some of the state’s top talent to train the next generation of film crew workers. Courses slated for 2023 include:

  • Catering to the Film Industry
  • First and Second Assistant Director
  • Getting to Work: Creating Employment Profiles for the Film Industry
  • Hairstylist
  • Locations
  • Makeup for Film
  • Scriptwriting
  • Shooting A Short Film
  • Shooting a Short Film on Your Smartphone
  • So, You Want to Be an Extra
  • So, You Want to Be an Extra (Indigenous People Edition)
  • So, You Want to Be an Extra (Kids in Film Edition)
  • Submitting to a Film Festival
  • What to Expect When a Film Comes to Town: How Small Businesses Can Turn Big Profits

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First Capital Film Crew Institute: Location Matters

Conveniently located less than an hour from three of the state’s certified sound stages, Meridian’s district includes more than 900 square miles that cover parts of Lincoln, Logan, Noble, Pawnee and Payne counties. This landscape includes Guthrie’s iconic downtown; Stillwater, America’s friendliest college town; the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma, the Pawnee Nation and the Otoe-Missouria Tribe of Indians; miles of red dirt road and sunsets that will take your breath away.

Independent filmmakers and Hollywood studios have found what they’re looking for in the Meridian district. The only thing missing is a workforce to support their creative endeavors.

Until now.