Virtual T4E 2021 - June 8-10, 9am-11am - Meridian Tech

Virtual Technovation4Education 2021

Join us VIRTUALLY as we celebrate our 13th year of providing professional development for teachers, administrators, library media specialists, counselors and more!

  • New to Virtual T4E 2021 - Personal Development Classes!

    June 8th | 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

    Collaborate in the Cloud with Google Jamboard

    Learn what’s possible with Jamboard, Google’s portable and powerful cloud-powered whiteboard. Jamboard provides a way for you and your students to sketch ideas, drop images, add notes or import work from Google’s Docs, Sheets and Slides whether you’re in the same classroom or miles apart. This session will cover tips for using Jamboard and provide examples of how educators can use it to collaborate in the cloud.

    Personalizing Your Classroom with Google

    Put the paper away! Discover ways to use Google’s free Classroom tools to create a unique online learning environment for your students. Learn how to set up your virtual classrooms, manage your lessons, make assignments and create customizable grading systems. No matter what grade level you teach, Google Classroom has tools to build connections!

    Fire Up Your Students Using Flipgrid

    Give everyone a voice with Flipgrid. This free video response platform lets you and your students explain topics with ease. This session will walk you through setting up a grid and selecting topics, offer tips on how to get your students to dig deeper in their responses and give examples of how to use Flipgrid for any age group or subject matter.

    Cracking the Code: Programming for Beginners

    Teach your students to be digital creators with coding! No longer just for tech-savvy teachers and students with a passion for computer science, coding can be for everyone. Together we’ll crack the code and discuss simple, effective ways to introduce coding into your classroom.

    Decision Fatigue

    Have you ever sat through a difficult conversation or an intense meeting and remained emotionally collected, then struggled to make decisions big or small for the remainder of the day? What about planning, shopping and prepping your groceries for the week, then looked at your overflowing refrigerator and instead ordered pizza? And the days you put together lesson plans, answer emails, organize your office or classroom, then can barely find the energy to drive back home?

    These are all real, and frequent situations. They also have something in common...decision fatigue. In this session, you will learn about the effects of decision fatigue, and what you as an educator can do to help recognize, prepare for, and potentially alleviate the exhaustion that comes with this process. Not only for you, but for your students, colleagues, or staff as well.

    June 9th | 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

    Best Practices for a Blended Classroom

    The teaching landscape has changed dramatically over the last year. You now likely have experience with online, flex and flipped classrooms. Learn how to blend the best of these methods to create a personalized and flexible learning environment to help your students succeed.

    Slide into Session: Using Google Slides to Deliver a Direct Message

    Create dynamic, interactive presentations using Google Slides. In this session, attendees will explore built-in themes and templates, learn to add video and sound, create interactive content and explore add-ons to supercharge their presentations.

    Balance Your Lessons with Seesaw

    Do your classes need a little pick-me-up? Seesaw might offer just the lift they need! Whether you’re using the journal, activities or inbox categories, Seesaw’s online interface allows you to create and share activities and seamlessly provide feedback to your students. This session will review the basic features of a free account and highlight add-ons with the paid Seesaw Plus plan.

    Bring Your Lessons to Life with 3D Printing

    It’s easier than ever to add a new dimension to your classroom! Thanks to the affordability of 3D printing supplies and smaller printer sizes, anyone can incorporate 3D design and creation into their classroom. This session will cover the equipment you need to get started, suggest easy ways to connect 3D printing into your curriculum and advise best practices for 3D printing.

    Lean In

    How much do we potentially miss by looking at conversations through our own lens? How could we transform the way we connect with others by practicing to lean in and truly listen? By laying down our own agendas and biases, asking the right questions and creating a space that cultivates potential and growth, we will more quickly uncover the creativity and uniqueness each individual brings and walk alongside them as they continue to understand the value of their true selves.

    June 10th | 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

    Creating Community Through Engaging Video Calls: Dos and Don’ts

    Logging on to video calls is the easy part. Keeping students connected can be a challenge. Discover practical ways to use video calls to keep students engaged, promote discussions and bridge the social barriers of teaching students in separate rooms.

    Saving Your Sanity with Self-Grading Google Forms

    Cut back on your grading time with Google Forms. Learn how easy it is to set up a self-grading assessment, make an answer key, assign points and add automatic responses. You'll also discover how to make the most out of Google Forms' reporting options so you can identify frequently missed questions, graphs with correct answers, and the average, median and range of scores.

    Fundraising: Creating Cash for Your Classroom

    There are countless ways to raise money for your classroom. How do you determine which avenue is right for your district, you and your project? This session will provide an overview of popular educational fundraising platforms and discuss best practices to help you maximize your time and money.

    Welcome to WeVideo

    Students of all ages can express themselves through video, still images, audio and their own personal style using WeVideo. WeVideo’s cloud-based platform makes it easy for your students to create professional-looking content, whether collaborating across classrooms or across town. In this session, you’ll learn how to help students use WeVideo to visualize information and organize their stories – from personal tales to reports on historical events – into impressive presentations, podcast episodes or mini-movies.

    Words Matter

    We have all been in situations where one or two words used differently (or at all) could have made all the difference. We have all walked away from a conversation wishing we understood the other side better, or that the other side understood us. In the world of communication, and especially in the world of education, words matter. And not only the words we speak, but the words we think, the words we write, and the tone we take when using them. If we can be more aware of the way in which we use words, and understand the ways in which others use them, we can turn a conversation into a constructive one. A situation into a supported one. A classroom into a thriving one.

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