Advanced Unmanned Aerospace

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) manufacturing, pilot services (UAS), and small rotary-wing UAS.

Principal: Gary Ambrose

Big Rock Foods

Manufacturing, distribution, and wholesale of Payne County Rust Seasonings and other condiments and seasonings

Principal: Shane Lansdown

Ehrlich Companies, LLC

Ben Ehrlich Creative is a full-service creative with full capabilities across strategy, creativity, and technology to help their clients tell their stories more effectively and to create engaging brands. The company’s founder, Ben Ehrlich, is an award-winning digital media artist with extensive experience in brand strategy and project management. He works closely with his team of designers, developers, photographers and PR specialists to provide wrap-around services to clients in the B2B and B2C industries.

Principal: Ben Ehrlich

equivaQ Software

equivaQ Software, LLC is an early-stage technology solutions company serving the 3D modeling industry. When equivaQ Software, LLC was established in 2003, it initially provided consultancy to SOLIDWORKS enterprise users but has since added additional services and product lines.

Principal: Tim Webb

FanciFox Enterprises

FanciFox Enterprises is a Stillwater-based startup that provides engineering design services and focuses on prototype development and manufacturability of complex electrical systems. The company transforms conceptual products into prototype structures and also designs for mass production.

Principal: Charlie Fox

Land Traffic Control, LLC

Land Traffic Control, LLC is a logistics software company that designs asset tracking solutions for the trucking and petroleum industries. Their patented process for relaying data of the location of a company’s rolling stock provides the user with transparency and ease of regulatory reporting.

Principal: Tony Payne

Mito Materials

MITO Material Solutions has developed a nano-additive named the “MITO T-Series.” The T-Series is then mixed in with an epoxy or resin, which then toughens composite parts by 100% while decreasing the chances of mechanical failure by 80%. This allows industries to pick which value they would like to have in their products: a 100% increase in toughness, or up to a 35% decrease of materials needed.

Principals: Haley and Kevin Keith

Paldara, Inc

Paldara Pharmaceuticals is developing an innovative microbial gel coating to be used with existing catheters to reduce Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) by 99%. The near eradication of UTI will lower health-care costs, improve patient quality of life, and increase healthcare rankings.

Principal: Beau Blanchard

Plasma Bionics

With its proprietary cold plasma sterilization technology, Plasma Bionics has developed a cost-effective sterilization device that can sterilize medical equipment in less time, with higher efficiency, and with no water or harmful chemicals.

Principals: Kedar Pai, Chris Timmons

Social Realm

Turning venue selection, catering, fundraising, invitations, site tours, vendor interviews, payment management, and all aspects of event planning into an automated platform where decisions are simplified with predictive analytics and task selection is driven by artificial intelligence.

Principal: John Berry


The natural bark look and texture molded into the TruStump gravity-fed feeder allow it to blend in with any environment, whether in the woods or your backyard.

Principals: Jawauna and Duane Harding

Virtual Tenants

WayLink Systems Corp.

Business incubation is a focused process for early-stage companies that includes management guidance, technical assistance, and consulting. Learn more about how clients can easily move between residential and virtual incubation.