Short Course Spotlight

To take a closer look at the dates and times these or any of our classes are offered, search our course listings or look at our catalog online. To enroll, contact us at 405.377.3333. Sign up for our monthly short course emails. Below is a spotlight on of some of our most popular courses.

American Heart Association – Basic Life Support Provider

This detailed course is for health care providers and other professional rescuers. Those who take this course are employed in the health field or are students in health occupations training programs. Students will learn the skills of one- and two-rescuer CPR utilizing mouth-to-mask and bag-mask techniques. You will also be taught proper use of an AED (automated external defibrillator) and how to relieve choking. Skills learned will enable you to recognize emergencies such as sudden cardiac arrest and know how to respond to them. AHA Certification is obtained upon successful completion. Read the American Heart Association – Basic Life Support description here.

Anatomy and Physiology

This course introduces the student to the anatomy and physiology of the human body. Basic physical science, life science and microbiology are included. The normal functioning of the body systems is discussed. Read the Anatomy and Physiology description here.


An Emergency Medical Technician, or EMT, administers stabilization, transportation and medical care to sick or injured persons, working as a member of an emergency medical team. Trained to determine the nature and extent of illness or injury, to follow treatment protocols issued by medical control and to act as an extension of physicians, EMTs provide what is known as “pre-hospital” or “out-of-hospital” care. This course will prepare students to take the National Registry exam in order to become a licensed EMT in Oklahoma. Read the Emergency Medical Technician description here.

Nurse Aide/Long-Term Care Aide

As a state and federally regulated training program, this course will prepare and train individuals to work in a long-term care facility, assisted living facility or hospital. Students learn how to perform functions and procedures relating to the personal hygiene, safety, comfort, nutrition, exercise and elimination needs of residents. You will also learn proper lifting and moving procedures as well as how to correctly measure and document temperature, pulse, respiration and blood pressure. This course prepares students to take the Health Certification Project Long-Term Care clinical and written certification tests for Oklahoma to become a Certified Nurse Aide (CNA). Read the Nurse Aide Long-Term Care Aide description here.

Paraprofessional Educator – Certified

Paraprofessional educators are an essential element to ensuring students with disabilities succeed in the classroom. Working under the supervision of a certified instructor, they assist in providing instructional and direct services to children. Read the Certified Paraprofessional Educator description here.


Phlebotomy is the process of collecting blood. A phlebotomist’s primary role is to collect blood for accurate and reliable test results.  The phlebotomist must be able to recognize appropriate methods for analyzing specimens.  Students will learn proper blood collection techniques, routine and special specimen collection requirements, transportation procedures, and additional information. Read the Phlebotomy description here.

Photography: Basic

This course is for someone using either a simple or a complex camera. The class will concentrate on improving composition by discovering how to see as a professional does. Participants will take color prints based on specific assignments given in class. Participants will also explore techniques that will make their photographs dynamic and powerful. Topics will include the history of cameras, features, film types and uses, elements of exposure, lens types and uses and the basics of composition. The course will also cover light meters, flash units, lighting techniques, depth of field, rule of thirds, shooting various locations, focusing on the subject, multiple flash, situations, time exposures, filter uses, difficult shooting and marketing yourself. Read the Photography Basic description here.

Real Estate: Pre-License

This course meets training requirements mandated by the state legislature to qualify individuals to sit for the state licensing exam to become a provisional sales associate as outlined by the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission. The Commission approves the curriculum and instructor and all topics are relevant to Oklahoma laws. This is not a certification course. Certification testing must be completed at the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission. Read the Real-Estate-Pre-License-1 description here.

Security Guard: Phases I & II (Unarmed) – CLEET

This course provides the mandatory training required to take the unarmed security guard licensing test administered by the Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (CLEET). Basic private security knowledge and procedures are taught. No certification is earned, but the certificate of completion will allow the participant to sit for the licensing test. This test can be administered at an approved testing location. CLEET gives licensing tests each month in Tulsa and Oklahoma City. A specific list of testing times and locations are provided during the training. Meridian hosts the exam on Mondays at 6:30 p.m. Read the Security-Guard-Phases-I-and-II description here.

Welding Fundamentals

This course is the study of welding for beginners. The course will begin at whatever level you are experienced. Participants will learn how to set up the welding machine for different kinds of metals. You will learn different welding joints and all positions. Students are introduced to stick welding, flex core, shielded metal arc and gas metal arc welding. Read the Welding Fundamentals description here.